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Plot: On the run from the Roughnecks, a man and his nephew fall in love with a kidnapper's seductive widow. To save the girl, the man makes a deal with her gang.
The game has a campaign mode, unlockable races, pvp and multiplayer mode. The game has 5 types of gameplay: standard missions, multiplayer, story missions, maps and survival mode. According to the story, you have the opportunity to complete various PvE tasks alone, or in a team of 4 people. In multiplayer, the player acts as a protagonist, he has his own mode in which you need to go through several interesting missions. In the story, you play as a woman named Cleo Johnson who works for a Hot Dog with no hands. She ran away from the orphanage, was kidnapped and kept in an old house.
The game is a real-time strategy game. In it, we have to develop our character: explore and protect a huge space, extract resources, upgrade skills, fight bosses, and also solve political issues. The plot of the game branches into 3 large storylines, each of which can have many branches:
1 line: you can choose one of three races and level up to level 100;
2nd line: you can get a unique pet that will add experience to your character;
3rd line: the passage of the storyline, which is essentially a sequel to the first.
And that is not all! The game has a multiplayer mode, pre-defense and a treasure chest drop mode.
Game features: The plot takes place in the near future after a meteorite fell to Earth. Aliens, led by Tom Anderson, arrive on Earth in order to find a place for further colonization. The main character is a female warrior who goes to Earth to find her missing brother.
A built-in editor that allows you to create characters with any level of development A lot of game modes, the ability to create a character with monster attacks and your own buildings 3 heroes, each with their own unique set of skills 4 races: imperials, navi and heroes 6 types of battles: battles, group battles and maps with bonuses 5 types of missions: each new mission can dramatically change the course of history 6 types of characters: endowed with different abilities and have their own unique story: soldier, killer, racer, thief, merchant and more. f02ee7bd2b